Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can You Attract Money With Self-Written Cheque?

A self-written cheque is a method many successful people
use to attract money. It is a method which you write the
amount of money you desire on a cheque and look at it

Will it work? Can you really attract money by
using this fake cheque?I believe if you read or participated
in seminars about millionaire mindset or rich education,
you will come across this method. Although it is commonly
used by most successful people, no one can give a logical
or good explain about this method. What’s the science
behind it? I’m going to share with you what I know about
this method:One of the toughest challenges by everyone
who desire to be success is “To believe they can be
successful everyday until the day that they finally made
it”. It’s an extremely challenging journey if you have ever
pursued a dream.

When we are on our way to achieve our dreams, our
mind will doubt that if we can make it. It’s normal
and everyone who is success will go through it. Some of
us might doubt it everyday and some of us might
doubt it every hour. This drives us crazy and some of us
might even decide to give up because it’s challenging. The
bigger your dream, the stronger the doubt will be.

9 out of 10 people gave up not because they
failed but because they don’t believe that
they will make it.

This self-written cheque can support and give you power
when you doubt yourself. It strengthens your belief.
Whenever you doubt yourself, the check tells your mind
that you already made it and you will make it.Another biggest
challenge most successful people will face is the change of
mood. To succeed, you need lots of discipline. You can’t do
things when you feel like doing and you can’t do things that
you only like doing. Mood is something disastrous when you
cannot handle it properly. Some people fail in pursuing
their dream because they stop doing what they should
do when they face some failures.

A self-written cheque will give you excitement. Whenever you
failed or face any challenges, look at the check and think that
it’s a real cheque for you. You’ll feel excited and stop feeling bad.
You can move on faster and not stuck in sticky situations.

To succeed, you need to keep yourself excited and give
excitement to your team, customers and everyone
around you. If everyone are excited to work with you,
you’ll be successful easier and faster!If you believe in
the law of attraction, you will also understand the power
of a self-written cheque. This method has way too many
benefits and all it takes is just 1 minute to write one. Start
using this method and I’m sure you’ll see amazing results!

"You won't see it until you see it"- Unknown

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How To Be Happy

Is there some secret that those who always seem
happy are hiding? Not at all. They just have a way
of turning negative into positive.

Below are a few ways you to can start bringing more
happiness and less negativity into your life.

*Take care of yourself physically. It's much easier to
be optimistic when you are eating well, exercising, and
getting enough rest.

*Be thankful. Stresses and challenges don't seem as
terrible when you remind yourself of the things that
are right in life.

* Don't Assume. Don't waste time worrying that you
did something incorrect unless you have evidence that
there is something to worry about.

* Don't use absolutes. Thinking and talking in absolutes
like 'always' and 'never' makes the situation appear worse
than it is.

*Think positively. Your thoughts can't hold any power
over you if you don't judge them. If you notice yourself
having a negative thought, detach from it, witness it,
and don't follow it.

*Get and give hugs. Positive physical contact with friends,
loved ones, and even pets, is an instant pick-me-up.

*Increase your social activity. Surround yourself with
healthy, happy people, and their positive energy will affect
you in a positive way!

*Volunteer. Everyone feels good after helping. You can
volunteer your time, your money,or your resources. The
more positive energy you put out into the world, the more
you will receive in return.

*Don't dwell on the negative. It's never productive, because
it's not rational or solution-oriented; it's just excessive worry.

Try changing your physical environment - go for a walk or sit
outside. You could also call a friend, pick up a book, or turn
on some music. Practice does indeed make perfect. Before
long, the above traits will become automatic. You will look
back and realize how far you have come. You will have
become one of the ones people look to for the "secret" of

"Rejoice always"- Bible