Saturday, July 28, 2007


An achiever is someone who realizes his or her set Goals.
Setting goals is one of those things that only a minority
prractises but a majority of successful people engages in.
Setting goals is a lot like having a strategy or a
game plan.
It is all about reconciling ones desires with what can
reasonably be accomplished in a lifetime. When
goals are broken down into 5-year, 1-year, monthly and
daily goals they become much easier to achieve. Each
day when you wake up you can work towards those
goals in a focused manner.

How to set your goals?

1.) Know what you want: Don’t just produce a wish
list but determine what is truly important to you. For
example money might not be as important as the feeling
of accomplishment. There are many ways to feel
accomplished without necessarily earning money. If
you are going to spend the next 5 years or a lifetime
working on a goal make sure that it is important to you.

2.) Break long-term goals to tasks to daily tasks.
That way you know what needs to be accomplished in
order to move towards those more important goals and
can check off the tasks as they are accomplished. For
example, if I want to get a new job I would first have to
update my resume, and then search for companies, etc.
With just about everything there are steps.

3.) Stay committed:
If you don’t stay committed and work on these
goals every day there is a good chance  you won’t
go very far. Most people fail because they give
up instead of because they are not competent.

“Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before becoming

Finally, you can only achieve your goals by:
• Eliminating your negative thoughts and replacing
them with positive ones

• Constantly asserting and affirming your belief in your dream
• Having the Gut to take calculated Risks
• Getting rid of Low esteem - Always believe in Yourself
• Remembering that an achiever is a Believer
• Praying along

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"Be" - Calvin Klein

Cyber-Psalm 23

The Lord is my Operating System, I shall not hang.

He makes me boot normally without errors.

He loads my routing table with cool links; he restores
my path.

He routed me to the server of righteousness,
for His domain sake.

Even though I stand risk of high-level hackers,
I will fear no attack, for he is my Firewall.

Thy antivirus and Intrusion Prevention System, they
comfort me.

Thou preparest a link before me in the presence of
time-outs; thou connecteth my links with fiber optics,
my network overrunneth.

Surely solid connection and replies shall follow me all
the period of my pings.

And I shall telnet from the server of the Lord for ever.

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God knows all things

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Overcoming fear

We have all experienced fear at certain points in our
lives. All of a sudden we get so afraid and the adrenaline
pumped literally causes us to freeze and unable to think.

At other times, it isn't that bad. it's just this general
feeling of "What if it doesn't work out as expected?"

And what did you do when you feel uncertain on your

You wonder if you are going to get the results you want
from what you have done. You are afraid of the negative
consequence that may come if things go wrong. If you
encounter these similar challenges, you may want to
practice a way to organize your thoughts.

Everybody has fears. However, not many people know
how to deal with it when they are in this intense situation.
The five steps have helped me to minimize fear and
get closer to my dreams.

We all have a certain pattern of thinking process when it
comes to certain situation. Each individual has programmed
himself how to feel and what to react when a circumstance
occurs. In order to make use of the thinking process and
turn it around, we need to understand the thinking principle.

A school of thought believes that the human psyche is implanted
with fear for his survival. The Ancient man could not protect
himself against fierce and dangerous animals due to his weaker
body structure. Therefore, nature gave him fear so that he knew
it's time to escape if he faced such animals. Not only the animals
that caused fear to ancient man. All other natural dangers and
even the danger from fellow humans were also threatened us
with fear. We inherited fear and become acquainted with it in our
modern lives. But instead of fear of danger, now we fear of failure.
Fear of mental danger is more severe than the fear of physical
dangers in modern day human.

So, here are five tips that we can use to overcome fear
and turn it around to be our power. The steps include:

1 Know what you want from the action:
Set goals up on the action you decide to do. You need to
know the reason of doing it so that you have enough
motivation to overcome the fear. If you have no strong
enough reason, you will not follow through the action and
failure will be unavoidable.

2 Understand the nature of fear:
Fear will come if we are not certain  of what will happen. In
order to reduce the severity of fear, we need to make the
action purpose as clear as we can. Also, we need to see
through the whole process of our actions whether there
is some risk on anything.

i remember when i was younger and was afraid of ghost
in the closet.  i was told to really go and take a look at the
closet that there is no ghost inside.It is the same here.
Fear is just created in our mind according to our natural
instinct. Without fear our race may not have come this far.

In our modern time era, we may need to make full analysis
of the situation to the extent that we feel more comfortable.
This will help us to minimize the fear as we go along. Successful
people are not the ones who do not have fear, but the one who
know who to deal with it. You also can be successful if you
understand its nature.

3 Change the focus:

Do not focus on what you fear but instead focus on what
you want. This is what most humans miss. Instead
of thinking about what he wants, average human tends to
focus on what he doesn't want. Train yourself on thinking
about good things in your life.

4 Have a positive visualization:
Knowing how to visualize will help you enable to dramatically
reduce your fear. Regular visualization will also attract
favorable situation and attributes into your life according to
the law of attraction. There are also some attraction
accelerator tools in the market. You may want to utilize in to
help you get your result faster.

5 Have a feeling of gratitude:

Feel gratitude on what has brought you here. Gratitude is one
of the secrets on eliminating fear. Once you feel really grateful,
you will not have fear. Make sure that you have the right focus
when you have fear.

Do you know Bible Scholars say there are 366 Fear Nots in the
good book? That's 1 for each day and an extra 1 for a leap year!!

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"Fear Not" -The Bible