Sunday, August 23, 2009

What makes a successful person?

  • Is it their education?
  • Is it their intelligence?
  • Is it their integrity?
  • Is it because they are lucky?
  • Is it because they are well connected to the right people?

Not all successful entrepreneurs have a great education,
take Henry Ford for example; the founder of Ford Motor
Company. Mr. Ford dropped out of school at the age of

I am sure all of successful people are Intelligent. But I would
boldly guess that very few of them are geniuses.

Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb. He tried over
two thousand times before he finally got a working light bulb.
So, it wasn’t luck for him.The Payoff is in the Doing.

What about if you were born into slavery like Madam Walker;
the first self made female millionaire in America. She got her
start by selling her own hair product door to door back in 1900’s.
I would say most likely Walker wasn’t well connected to start with.

So what is it? What is the key to their success? The answer may be
simpler than you think.

Although some successful people might have the education, is a
genius, came from wealthy home, have the best luck or well
connected with the right people. In reality most successful people
got their success without all of the above.

The real key to it all is that they take action! They are the doer!
The Money is in the Doing! The Success is in the Doing… Despite
popular beliefs; knowledge is essential but action is the key.

So whatever your heart desires, don’t sit on the side line. You have
got to put Action into it. You have got to do it. The Money, the
payout…is all in the doing!

"Success is a choice" - Segedoo

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