Friday, December 4, 2009

Is Entrepreneurship Risky?

In the next 27 days, i will be celebrating 365 days a.k.a 1 year of being an entrepreneur! I was working with a major banking group in Nigeria, my home country up until December 31, 2008.

I had to leave. Prior to this i had disconnected totally from my job and felt like a thief whenever i got paid a salary. So what did i do? well, you guessed it already - I RESIGNED!

Don't get me wrong - where i worked was a great place full of young people and without being proud, i was one of my beautiful CEO's favorites. Besides, I was about to be promoted, a pay rise was on the way and i was also to be paid "upfront"i.e. a lump some of money on the first working day of the year to take care of my rent and some other necessary bills - but i left.

I remember the HR Head saying to take my resignation letter back and resign again in 3 months with all the perks but NO, I just did not want money to lure me into a line of work i hated. All my life i had always done things that i connected with from Stamp Collection to Learning How to Paint to Traditional Martial Arts.

I woke up on January1, 2009 feeling weird but i quickly got over it (i later realized it was because it was a holiday). A day or two later, the reality of joblessness set in when i was left home alone like Macaulay Caulkin! Then i began serious soul searching to figure out how to earn a living. 2months later, I gave out a really large chunk of my severance pay - big enough to make me scared for day non-stop but i now realize it was a liberation from slavery to money.

Gradually over the year, things began to work out and i met my business partner effortlessly. Today, i run a webdesign and development company with him, a comic company with another guy and seminar company with both of them as stakeholders.

A lot of things have come effortlessly into my life by providence. I spent a lot of time creating them in my mind and just watching and waiting for them to show up. Once they did, I stopped waiting and took action in possessing them.

There were time i was discouraged but i just kept going. I also learnt how to earn on autopilot. So while i sleep, i have blogs working hard for me.

I invested in several well researched offerings before bringing out my CC to pay for anything. I am a very shrewd guy and with what i have learnt about patience in business, i can only wait for things to come to me.

2009 has a year of learning and more learning; a year of laying foundations for an internet business empire both in Nigeria and Online as a whole.

As i am writing this, i have just purchase my 11th domain and I totally love the feeling.

I'd be a liar to say that it has been fun all the way. There have been times when i emptied my whole account into a project this year not being totally sure of the outcome but then , who is 100% of the time?

All i know is tat i won't be on my death bed and be regretting that i did not do something i totally wanted to do or something that would benefit mankind and it is an entrepreneurial spirit that makes one do that.

For me PROFIT is NOT the motive, Neither is it my PASSION.

Rather it is a healthy marriage of PROFIT & PASSION. It is so powerful.

Until my next post, God bless.

"You either live your life or live someone else's idea of it"- Segedoo


PACE said...

Congratulations...I am sure you have learnt some lessons on the journey. Keep up the work and remain focused. Reward is on the way

NaijaWebGeek said...

I'm a first timer here, and I'll say I'm really inspired.
Well done!