Monday, June 25, 2007

Thought Provoking Ideas

1. Nothing stays the same. All conditions are temporary,
and how they change depends on the choices I make.

2. Action to try to make things happen is hard work, but
action taken from a place of love and pure inspiration is
living at its grandest.

3. Living from and in the moment is being mindful of
thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

4. There are infinite variations in how people see any single

5. Labels like right or wrong, good or bad, evil or holy serve
to separate people, one from another. In truth, there are as
many shades of gray between those opposites of labels as
there are people.

6. The differences in life are contrast that drives decision.

7. Abundance abounds. There is enough of everything for
everyone; there is no reason to fear running out.

8. Suffering, pain or struggle is not a requirement of life.

9. Passion is not expectation, and expectation is not passion.

10. True faith comes from knowing that no matter what
things look like, all is well and will turn out for the best.

Quote of the post
"...think on these things"-Paul the apostle


passatp said...

awesome.... me i just like the food for thought

Dollyp said...

Sup keep the imagination flowing

Freelance said...

Nice one! Find ur blog inspiring.

Keep up the gud wuk!