Saturday, July 28, 2007


An achiever is someone who realizes his or her set Goals.
Setting goals is one of those things that only a minority
prractises but a majority of successful people engages in.
Setting goals is a lot like having a strategy or a
game plan.
It is all about reconciling ones desires with what can
reasonably be accomplished in a lifetime. When
goals are broken down into 5-year, 1-year, monthly and
daily goals they become much easier to achieve. Each
day when you wake up you can work towards those
goals in a focused manner.

How to set your goals?

1.) Know what you want: Don’t just produce a wish
list but determine what is truly important to you. For
example money might not be as important as the feeling
of accomplishment. There are many ways to feel
accomplished without necessarily earning money. If
you are going to spend the next 5 years or a lifetime
working on a goal make sure that it is important to you.

2.) Break long-term goals to tasks to daily tasks.
That way you know what needs to be accomplished in
order to move towards those more important goals and
can check off the tasks as they are accomplished. For
example, if I want to get a new job I would first have to
update my resume, and then search for companies, etc.
With just about everything there are steps.

3.) Stay committed:
If you don’t stay committed and work on these
goals every day there is a good chance  you won’t
go very far. Most people fail because they give
up instead of because they are not competent.

“Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before becoming

Finally, you can only achieve your goals by:
• Eliminating your negative thoughts and replacing
them with positive ones

• Constantly asserting and affirming your belief in your dream
• Having the Gut to take calculated Risks
• Getting rid of Low esteem - Always believe in Yourself
• Remembering that an achiever is a Believer
• Praying along

Quote of the post
"Be" - Calvin Klein

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30+ said...

Love this post, I need to discipline myself to set some goals.