Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cyber-Psalm 23

The Lord is my Operating System, I shall not hang.

He makes me boot normally without errors.

He loads my routing table with cool links; he restores
my path.

He routed me to the server of righteousness,
for His domain sake.

Even though I stand risk of high-level hackers,
I will fear no attack, for he is my Firewall.

Thy antivirus and Intrusion Prevention System, they
comfort me.

Thou preparest a link before me in the presence of
time-outs; thou connecteth my links with fiber optics,
my network overrunneth.

Surely solid connection and replies shall follow me all
the period of my pings.

And I shall telnet from the server of the Lord for ever.

Quote of the post
God knows all things


Tayo said...

LOL!!! Thank God Bill Gates is not supplying the OS here ... enough wahala.

30+ said...

True he does knows all things men, I just had a stint with virus thingy et al and true God knows