Friday, September 21, 2007

Wanna be rich?

Do you want to be rich but it seems that nothing you
tried seems to work in attracting more money?

You may have made the following top 3 mistakes to
keep you from getting rich.

Check if you made the following mistakes:

1. Spend Most Of Your Time On Low Value Activities.
These activities include watching TV, chatting, playing,
checking email, washing dishes etc. Please note that
there is nothing wrong conducting all these activities, it
just depends on your priority, if your priority is to be a
millionaire, then check if most of your time is spent on
these low value / unproductive activities. Once I listened
to a talk by a millionaire, she said she just can’t afford to
clean her house, simply because her 1 hour cost her

2. Belief Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil.
This is a myth many people have against money.
Imagine you hate money and disrespect money.
How then would you become
a money magnet?

3. Do What You Hate For Living.
There are many people who have the misconception that we
need to work hard first, make the money, then only we do what
we love. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! The Singapore youngest
millionaire, Adam Khoo said that unless you do what you
love, you would never become rich. Take for example
Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Tiger Woods etc, they enjoy what
they do with no doubt and that’s why they become the most
successful people in their areas. Now, if you want to be rich,
ask if you do what you love for a living!

Quote of the post
"The Rich will always rule over the poor"

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