Monday, October 15, 2007

Being Rich is a Choice

Do you want to be rich? Everybody will probably say ‘yes.’
Then why is it that so many are struggling financially?
Why is that the majority of the people are in debt?

Research shows that 80% of the individuals will never be
financially free in the way they’d like to be and 80% will
never claim to be truly happy.

Why is that? The reason is simple. Most people are living
their life by default. Every successful and wealthy person
will tell you that you have to decide to be rich and successful.
You have to make a choice that you want to live your life by
design and not by default. Your character, your thinking
and your beliefs are a critical part of what determines the
level of your success.You create the exact amount of your
financial success, so write down exactly how much money you
want to have and by which date and have a strong desire to
reach your goal. When you have this desire, you have to
believe that you can make it happen. Because if you
don’t believe you can do it, chances are you won’t.

There are different things you can do to build your belief.

One way is using by using your subconscious mind
you will achieve your goals much faster. As your subconscious
mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and thought,
you can start creating your ideal life in your mind by visualizing
it. Feel what it’s like to be rich and have abundance in your life.
See what you’re life will look like when you are financially

Another great way to build your belief is to fill your
mind with inspirational stories of other people that have
succeeded. Think about Thomas Edison who decided to
invent the the electrical lamp. He had an idea and he
believed he could do it. He knew that every failure was
bringing him closer to success. When something didn’t
work he tried a different approach. At the end he said
‘I knew I had to succeed, because I ran out of things that
didn’t work’. And when a journalist asked him what it was
like to fail so many times, he answered ‘I didn’t fail the first
9,999 experiments. Inventing the electrical lamp was a
process of 10,000 steps, I just had to take each one of

Practical dreamers never quit and neither can you if
you want to be rich. Make a plan and keep adjusting it if it
doesn’t work the first time. Every failure brings you closer
to success. You have to be willing to do what it takes. Most
people think this involves only hard work, sacrificing your
health and your family life, or being dishonest, but that is not

Keep in mind that your character, your thinking and
your beliefs will determine your success. If you want to be
really successful and rich, you have to focus on the person
you want to become.

Quote of the post
"your subconcious mind is an underutilized asset"
-olusegun Adedokun

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Oracle said...

Thatz true.
But I must say that it is not as easy as you make it sound.
A lot of work has to be done