Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You'll be successful...

... if you learn from this short tale of two doctors.

A young doctor had great plans for his medical career.
He had the image of the wonderful medical complex
he'd build. He knew precisely where he wanted to be
in a few years time.
Whenever patients came to him he took a lot of their

time telling them about his lofty plans. Word went round
about this young doctors practice. He noticed that each
new month left him with fewer patients.He had a class mate
who equally had lofty goals and dreams.

However, this classmate of his had a different strategy...

He never shared his dreams and goals with his patients.
Rather, he took great pains to make sure they are
well-catered for. His goal was simple: To ensure that
anyone who visited him once will never want to go to another
doctor for anything he could handle.
His patients were very happy ones. He noticed that each

new month his patients were increasing. He saw new faces
who told him what great distances they had to cover just
to see him. And when he made inquiries, he discovered
they were referrals from his past patients.
To cut a long story short, the first doctor quit medical

practice declaring it unprofitable while the second doctor
(the wise one) went on to achieve all his dreams.

What does this story have to do with you as a (business) person?

Simple! Life is all about people and since it is,
everything else in life is all about people - businesses,
ideas, markets, institutions, whatever.

Attend to your prospects' real needs.

Take care of them and they'll take care of you.

Just as a doctor needs patients to show how good a
doctor he is, you need high quality prequalified leads
to jump-start your business and the cheapest mode of
advertisement is also the most effective - WORD OF MOUTH
of delighted clients

Just don't forget to attend to their needs!

Quote of the post
"if you help pthers meet their needs, they'll
definitely help you meet yours "- unknown

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