Sunday, November 4, 2007

Transforming your life with the power of books

I was listening to "America's Success Coach", Jack Canfield,
recently and he told a story that reminded me of Bob
Proctor's "333 Story" from his international bestseller
"You Were Born Rich". In summary, the "333 Story" is a
great example of what you can achieve when you make a
firm decision and remain open to possibilities rather than
focus on obstacles.

Jack Canfield recounted that while he was in Atlanta
promoting his book, "Success Principles: How to get from
where you are to where you want to be", that he was
interviewed by a woman who said his publisher had sent
her two copies of his book.

She read one and gave the second copy to her brother
who had been unemployed for three years.
He was depressed and refused to venture out.
Well three weeks later her brother had finished the book.

He shaved, put on a suit and attended three job interviews.
Just three days later he was offered a job. Just writing about this
gives me goose bumps. Books indeed have the power to transform
your life.

It was novelist, journalist and poet, Christopher Morley who said:
"When you give someone a book, you don't give him just paper, ink,

and glue. You give him the possibility of a whole new life."
This man had certainly been given a new lease on life when he was

given the gift of "Success Principles".
It can be argued that one book has single-handedly transformed

the world of personal development. Someone gave a little
green book to Lloyd Conant who spent an entire weekend
reading and rereading its contents. On Monday morning he
decided that he would build a world-class corporation and
that is exactly what he did. Nightingale-Conant is a giant in the
field of personal development. The company is recognised around
the world for the quality of its training programs and all the leaders
in the field of personal and business development, marketing and
sales training, spiritual growth and wealth building aspire to have
their resources distributed by Nightingale-Conant.

One evening, Lloyd Conant told Bob Proctor and Harold Gash,
two of his "top lieutenants", about the little green book. Proctor
was just itching to discover the name of the book and more
importantly what was written in the pages of this book that has
had directed Lloyd Conant to his true purpose in life - to put the
inspirational and educational recordings of Earl Nightingale in every
home around the world. The book was "The Science of Getting Rich"
and, though its text is outdated by our twenty-first century standards,
it continues to fascinate and inspire a new army of transformational

Bob Proctor says of "The Science of Getting Rich" that
"The contents of this book have served as the foundation

for every personal development program I have written for
the past quarter century."
In fact, Bob Proctor used this book as the basis of his

"Science of Getting Rich" seminar - a powerful seminar that
has helped thousands of people across the world better
understand, and apply with outstanding results, the process
of wealth creation.
The little green book inspired Rhonda Byrne to create

and produce the movie "The Secret" - a movie which
I recently heard described as a blockbuster. That made
me smile for this movie does not feature the likes of Bruce
Willis, Halle Berry, Samuel L Jackson, Brad Pitt,
Angelina Jolie, Matt Damon or George Clooney. There are
no breath-taking action scenes, suspenseful car chases or
even elaborate sets.
Instead, the movie features the likes of Bob Proctor,

Loral Langemeier, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield,
Lisa Nichols, Dr Joe Vitale and Bob Doyle among others.
The film stars teachers, philosophers, finance experts,
psychologists, physicists and authors. Bizarre, isn't it? But
when you understand the spirit in which this film was made
it really is no surprise that it has been as successful as it has
been and, more importantly, the power of this movie to
transform lives across the globe.

"As you learn The Secret you will come to know how you can
have, be or do anything you want. You will come to know who
you really are. You will come to know the true magnificence
that awaits you in life."

I'm sure you can recall a book, perhaps even given to you by
a friend or loved one, that made a significant impact on your
life. I urge you therefore, to continuing reading inspirational
books and to give someone you care about the gift of a great book.
(I have Rhonda Byrne to thank for this article)

Historically, the greatest life transfroming book is the HOLY
BIBLE and not just that, it is also the bestseller of all time.
I am an avid reader and believe me when i say most books
are based on biblical principles. My suggestion? Just go directly

"This book of the law shall not depart oput of your mouth.." - The BiBLE


30+ said...

"most books are based on biblical principles" - ON POINT


30+ said...

"most books are based on biblical principles" - ON POINT


Anonymous said...

The Purpose Driven life by Rick Warren is a popular one,also
Sister Minister by Sinmisola ogunyinka and The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson are some of the books that have helped me grow n motivate me 2 acheive my destiny or lead a better life.I recommend 'em.