Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolutions That Work

As the end of the year 2008 approaches, it's a time for celebration.
It's also a great time for reflection. Traditionally it's a time for
visualizing what we want to accomplish in the New Year and
creating those infamous resolutions.All too often, what starts out
as a positive exercise in forward thinking, becomes an energy
draining exercise in agonizing over past failures.

How many times have you tried and failed to make these same

Why not try something a little different in 2009?

How about shifting your focus from what you didn't do, to wha
you actually did do and start building from there?Many people
have a hard time giving themselves credit for what's working in
their lives. We are so in the habit of beating ourselves up and
blaming ourselves for what's not right and what's not working.
All that negativity requires a huge amount of energy. It tires us
out, drains us of joy, and blocks out any sense of hope and well
being for the future. It completely obscures a great deal of the
good we have going for us.

Here is a 7-step process you can follow to support you in
beginning this New Year with a joyous new attitude.

1) Make a list of all the things you did right last year.
Think about all the things you are proud of, all the areas where
you moved forward in your life, even in small ways. List the
things you are grateful for about your life and how you contribute
to those around you.Add to your list what you appreciate about
the many things you have accomplished and how they have
positively impacted your life. Congratulate yourself for these
noteworthy accomplishments.
We get caught up in focusing on what we failed to accomplish
and often forget to give ourselves credit for the many more things
that we did check off our list!

2) Take inventory of your negative thoughts and feelings.
What are you hanging on to that is draining your energy? What
resentments are you holding? What are you angry about? Who are
you angry with? What are you angry with yourself about? What
are your regrets? Write down all the specific negative emotions you
can identify on as many pieces of paper as it takes.

3) Make a conscious choice to release these negative
Declare your intention with clarity of conviction by stating out loud,
"I release my anger, resentments and regrets. I forgive myself, and
others, for our past mistakes and imperfections. I open my heart to
a more positive outlook on life".

4) Decide how you'd like to feel about yourself, your life
and the people around you.
Fill your mind with positive thoughts about your life and positive
feelings of anticipation for a new start in your new year. Notice
how you feel just thinking about your life in this new way.

5) Create an energizing life plan.
Instead of making a laundry list of New Year's Resolutions, spend
some time taking a broader view.
What kind of quality of life would energize you?
How can you create more time for the things that really
matter;what things can you say "no" to?
What do you want to do to take care of yourself that would
be nurturing and soul satisfying?
What could you do to bring more intimacy or sense of
connection to your important relationships?
What things could you make a part of your life next year
that would create more satisfaction, balance and well being?
Take a holistic view of your life and create a written plan that
will energize you to take action.Answering the questions and
doing the activities outlined in this seven-step process will
guide you to make changes from the heart.
Changes that come from a place of heart-felt desire, along with
clarity of your desired outcome in terms of the quality of life you
are seeking, will naturally give you greater momentum for success
than changes motivated by harsh recriminations.
As you enter the New Year, treat yourself with kindness,
acknowledge and celebrate the good in your life and the important
things you have accomplished, let go of negativity, and enjoy your
new year with a new attitude!
BELIEVE them and guess what?
You'll be celebrating your wins in 2009!

"Remember not the former things, Behold I make all things new" - God to you

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