Friday, January 2, 2009


2009 is finaly here at last. Thank God we made it. I pray
that all our dreams come to pass this year . May the year
be our best so far. AMEN.
We all have GREAT things to achieve this year. We should
put them before our Creator in prayers and have no doubts
as to achieving them.

But then prayers alone will not make our dreams come to

We have to work HARD!

Besides, Faith without works is dead. DEAD!!

Our work is proof that we believe we'd achieve our set Goal.

Yes, GOAL; not the plural.

We need to choose the MAIN thing. Just THAT ONE thing and
then build all other goals round it. That way, all what is built
around the core thing are complementary. Having more than
one core desire is similar to a dog chasing two cats; he ends up
catching neither!

For me, my Chief aim this year, I have set and I'm going to give
it my best shot. it involves a major LIFE CHANGE.

I heard Fela Durotoye say this on the 1st of this year :

Change your life and your lifestyle will chage

Change your lifestyle and your life will change.


Every other thing has to complement it, otherwise they have to
be sacrificed.

Progress in Life is based on the law of exchange. You give what you
have now to get to the next level; otherwise, remain there.

I wish you a successful 2009 but please do not neglect this words.

May this Year be trully golden like the Orange you saw before
reading this!


" A focused man is blind to every other thing except his goal." - Unknown


AustynZOGS said...

Welcome back!
Thanks for these inspiring posting.You are right-only hard work will lead us to attaining our true goal this year.

Anonymous said...

you are chief goal..when God is your goal every other thing can complement it