Thursday, December 31, 2009

My First 365 Days as an Entrepreneur

Today, i mark my 365th day as an entrepreneur. When i started out, i decided to keep have an offline service company and then some online businesses. I also demystified some fantasies like getting a windfall quickly.

The vision I had was to build Assets that would have life of their own revolving around a business system independent of me.

Right now, the businesses are up and growing but they cannot live without me yet. Besides, the revenues of 2009 mostly went into the businesses. There were times I felt that things were moving too slowly. There was even a time between July and September when the businesses literally froze because of a family tragedy.

Right now things are on the move again but as you read earlier, I have been laying foundations that I can monetize in 2010.

I learnt a lot in 2009 also. Too much to blog about without wasting your time.

As per my online businesses, The challenge of a Nigerian Internet Entrepreneur is so great but there are ways around it if you persistent.

My most surprising lesson however was that you do not need to know anything about anything to run a business as long as you have a clear vision of the end goal, a laser sharp focus and the persistence to see your dreams come to pass. Once these three seed are sown in your heart, you just nourish them and have the patience to see the blossom and yield fruits.

Also, I am leaving thee dream of being in "CHARGE" of my life - oh what a pleasure to decide you want to make money just wearing boxer shorts and actually do it. I sometimes wonder why I ever took up a job and diverted briefly from my life long dream of creating my own empire the way I have seen it within.

Sometimes I really pity employees without a vision and guts to quit their lousy jobs because no employer will pay as much as you're worth. It is an unwritten, unspoken rule.

And with the current global issues, it is surprising that they still are hopelessly cringing to their jobs hoping that somehow they will be bypassed by the job-loss axeman.

Anyway, I'd have set my hands on the entrepreneurship plough and there is no looking back. I have two options to succeed or to succeed so either way I win.

There is no greater job security than that of a supplier of needs and wants.

As we step into the new year, I pray that all your dreams come to pass.

See you next year.

Olusegun a.k.a Segedoo

"Happy New Year In Advance"


Stephen said...

Woah! This is good. I believe I can learn one or two from you.

Bash said...

keep it up!!! and yes, the stars are your launching pad :).