Friday, January 16, 2009

Will We Give Birth?

2009 is a running fast.
The 16th day of the first month is almost gone already!

It struck me some days ago that 2009 and i (as well as
everyone else) have something major in common.


You and I with all our goals for the year and 2009,
with 365 days!


It has given birth to the 16th day already!!

Obviously, the year seems to be an aggressive go getter.

One thing is certain as the earth remains,the year will
always deliver her 365 or 366 days as the case may be.

it won't say with regret on the 1st of January, 2010:

'I wish i had...'.

This is simply because it is focused on just
one thing - delivering 365 days!

i begin to converse with myself;
  • will i?
  • what is the 1 ThING i am focusing on this year?
  • what's my plan to achieve it?
  • how's the plan broken down into daily chunks ?
  • How do I measure my performance?

I'm on track. Being on track ain't enough.

I must maintain focus and dumped everthing else

I must stick to the plan. I must achieve my aim.....

Just like the year does yearly.

So help me GOD.


'Concentrate. Mind and body as one.' - Van Damme's master in the kickboxer

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