Friday, February 6, 2009


That’s one of my favourite acronymns – Return on
It means quite a lot to someone

who’s an investor because it signifies reward for
risk taking and how fast you’d get your money


The Nigerian Stock market isn't doing too well
now though!
it's been all BEARS.

In the context of this writing however, ROI means
Remember Observe Imagine. Those are the three
things we do a lot of the time and they determine
our reality.
There is one thing I am so pleased to broadcast to

The Book of Proverbs says “ he thinks in his
heart so is he!”
You are a sum total of all your thoughts – Good,

bad, ugly, boring, whatever. Every thought has a
frequency at which it vibrates.

You have to wake up to the fact that you have the
ability to direct your own thoughts; you have the
option of observing things as they are, or of
imagining them as you want them to be—and
whichever option you choose, whether you are
imagining or observing, is equally powerful. You
have the option of remembering something as it
actually occurred or imagining it as you would
prefer. You have the option of remembering
something that pleased you or remembering
something that did not please you. You have the
option of anticipating something you want or
anticipating something you do not want. In every
case, your thoughts produce a vibration within
you that equals your point of attraction, and then
circumstances and events line up to match the
vibrations that you have offered.

You have the ability to place your attention
wherever you decide, so it is possible to distract
yourself from something unwanted and put your
attention upon something wanted. But when a
vibration within you is one you have practiced a
great deal, the tendency is to continue to offer the
vibration in the way you have been practicing it
—no matter how much you wish it to be different.
It is not a difficult thing to change the pattern of

your thought/vibration, especially when you
understand that you can do it a little bit at a time.
Once you have an understanding of how
vibrations work, how they affect your experience,
and, most important, what your emotions are
telling you about your vibrations, now you can
make steady, fast progress toward the achievement
of anything that you desire.

Our universe is fascinating and forever expanding.
This means there are various unending possibilities.
Various varieties (pardon my tautology) therefore
establish this order:

· Variety causes contemplation.
• Contemplation produces preference.
• Preference is asking.
• Asking is always answered.

Regarding your creation of your own life
experience, there really is only one important
question for you to ask: How can I bring
myself into vibrational alignment with the
desires that my experience has produced?
And the answer is simple: Pay attention to

the way you feel, and deliberately choose
thoughts—about everything—that feel good
to you when you think them.

There is a way you can always find joy. It
is by following your bliss!!
Check out these words. They are synonyms
of the beautiful word BLISS.

Joy; Elation ; Happiness; Seventh heaven;
Cloud nine; Ecstasy; Delight; Pleasure;
Harmony; Rapture; Thrill; Excitement;
Euphoria; Exhilaration; Paradise; Electrify.

Pure Bliss!

No better guidance has ever been offered to
us humans than the words “Follow your bliss,”
for in the steady reaching for bliss, you must
surely align with the Energy of your Source - God.
And in that constant alignment, your Well-Being
is certain.

There are things that you think about that makes
you be in a temporary state of bliss. These are the
things that you should pursue as long as they do
not prevent a fellow human being to live his/her
own life to the fullest.

When you’re in this state of pure joy, time seems
to temporarily freeze and your emotions are let
loose. Your emotions are to be used as guides.
If you feel bad, then change what you’re thinking
to a joyous one. If you’re feeling good, continue
thinking those thoughts.

• By always reaching for the thoughts/ feeling of
joy, or Well-Being, you would always be moving
toward that which you desire.

• In the process of moving toward your desires,
you would experience joy.

So in essence, it is an unending cycle once you set
it rolling and don’t allow negative thoughts in.

“Ask and it shall be given unto you.” - The Bible


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