Friday, June 26, 2009


The Entrepreneur is the individual advancing the spirit of increase.
The desire for increase is inherent in everything that has life. And it
is the entrepreneur that best illustrates this in the realm of Value Creation.

Entrepreneurship is the key to REAL financial freedom. Total Freedom is
one of the most important things any human can have. The liberty to make
your own decisions, knowing fully well that you'd reap the harvest - Good or

The entrepreneur is a visionary, a binding force, a creator of value of any

I am on my entrepreneur's journey and it has been exciting. The challenges
are there though and sometimes i don't even know i've not eaten
because of the intense concentration on achieving what i have seen as

Offering value by bringing the elements of value creation together is such
fun and this result in meeting different people and building a network.

Remember, you it is the valu of the network you form that determines
your wealth. In other words, your network determines your networth.

I was an employee for 1 year and a half until 31/12/08 and i have since
become an entrepreneur. Believe me, my mindset is different and the
relationships i have gotten into and the people i have met from different
fields of expertise, i won't have had if i was still at someone else's job.

If you're an entrepreneur, Kudos to you and keep it up.

If you're not, you can begin by mentally preparing to be one of us.

"Life ia a either a daring adventure or nothing" - Hellen Keller

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