Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Hardest Thing in the World 2

Yesterday, we established that the hardest thing in the world
is indeed sustaining a thought - holding it captive and thinking
of nothing else.

How do you do this?

Well, like every other thing - you practise. A wise person once
said practise makes permanent not perfect.

The best way to hold a thought captive is to first of all be at ease.

Don't let there be any resistance - in your mind and body

Start by making yourself comfortable. With eyes closed, breathe in
deeply and exhale slowly. After 5 tries, focus on what you want to
think about and in a mood of ease, think about it only.

The reason for breathing is to lower your brain "noise". This is
actually your brain wave frequency when you are active and
excited. It is between 7-14 Hz (cycles per second). It is the brain
noise that activates all the thoughts and the monks of old know that
by breathing deeply, your lower your brain frequecy and blood

While focusing on a thought,any other thought comes along, just allow it
to flow through your mind. If you give it any attention, your mind
wanders to it by focusing on it briefly till another thought comes along
seconds later and before you know it, you've thought about 30 different
things in 30 seconds!

This is the easiest way to start the serene art of meditating.

I have found by experience that the most important things in life are
Focus and Persistence
No amount of genius, talent, influence or whatever it is we crave can
guaranty the realization of any goal we set without these two things.

So, begin these game of holding thought captive by Focusing on a
thought and persistently practising till you can hold it for as long as
you desire.

"Don't let go of your dreams" - unknown

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