Friday, July 3, 2009

SPECing it

The ability to create is the most powerful attribute we as
humans have. It is one thing we have that makes us most
like God because it proves that we are life-giving spirits.

The highest form of creation is to create another like

Lower forms of creation incude educing - to bring forth from
within - things that are not necessarily living but can improve
the overall quality of life.

One of the ways i do this is by using a technique called SPEC

SPECing it is very simple.

S - Select it
P - Project it
E - Expect it
C - Collect it

This method of creation, i learnt from an interview with an
84-year old lady i listened to some months back.

I practised it starting with small desires and believe me, it

Choose whatever you desire in life. Be absolutely sure of
whatever it is you want to manifest in your life. Focus on
just one thing with all definiteness of purpose.

And for God's sake, start with something small.

Remember you crawled before you walked. Most people seem
to jump on to big things without testing the waters with the small.

It is our success in the small that goes on to develop a desire for
bigger achievements.

Now that you have selected your desire, project it. This means to
develop it in it's ramifications. For instance, I desire a BMW X5.

I then go ahead and begin to visualize myself seating in my Army
green SUV with cream-coloured leather upholstery and dashboard,
lined handcrafted mahogany panel vibrating in harmony with the
sounds coming from Bose surround speakers, holding the steering
wheel and telling my girlfriend to fasten her seat belt will i start the
car and reverse out of the car park, drive down the highway and head
for the fuel station on our way to drop her at home....

You get the gist. The idea is for me to own my X5 before i own it - To
experience the car in my mind first.

This is where the REAL WORK is. You have to do this every so often
and by all means ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE.

This means that now that I have owned my X5, i actually begin to
anticipate it physical manifestation. Expectation is the proof of faith.

Just to show how expectant i am, i go out and buy a key holder for
the keys of the SUV i have seen in my vision but not yet with my eyes.

I do not allow my current reality to determine my level of expectation
because my current reality is as a result of past thinking.

I begin to give thanks to God for giving my that vehicle already.

Now, i go the second to the last step of actually keeping my mind
conscious of the happenings in my environment.

It is in my environment that the opportunity to get the SUV of my
dreams exist.

I look in the papers, I make enquiries, i test- drive the car, I pick
up signals for what i can do to buy the car, or i enter for a
promo offering a BMW X5 as a price...whatever.

I begin to do things that align me with geting the car.

Then business opportunity shows up and i take it or i buy the raffle ticket
or i find somehow meet someone that wants to sell off his new X5 or

Anywhich way, I finally go out and collect it.

"My exoectation cannot be cut short" - Proverbs


nnanna said...

this great!it is also heartwarming that it is written by a nigerian and not the sterotypical west.

thank bro!

nnanna said...

great insight bro!

keep thing keep imagining

that's a kindred spirit for me!

nnanna said...

great insight bro!

keep thing keep imagining

that's a kindred spirit for me!

Segedoo said...

Waoh. Thank you so much.