Thursday, September 24, 2009


There is a measure of raw genius in everyone put
there by our Creator. This genius is unique to everyone
and might be similar in some people but never the

Think of gold refreshly mined - dirty, unrefined, of
no visible aesthetic beauty by valuable none the less.
Just like God created the elements from which he formed
the gold in the earth, so also he has created elements
from which our raw genius was formed.

And just as Gold and other treasures have always been
in the earth, Your genius has always been in you.

Your Genius is meant to be uncovered, developed and
Discovering them takes nothing more than a commitment
to. Like miners decide to explore deep into the earth,
You must decide to find out what you suspect lies deep
within you.
Some discover theirs early; others do much later.

There have always been signs that they are there.
Now, is time to pay more attention to those these
and TAKE ACTION and unearth them.

It's not so much when you find out what yours is but
more of what you do once it has been discovered.
The best gift anyone can give to God and to Humanity
is to make the most of themselves and then give back
the part of the proceeds accumulated in the process.

Sadly, there are others who never discover theirs in their
lifetimes. This are the ones that have contributed to
making the graveyard the richest place in the world.
The Good news is that we don't have to continue enriching
that "yard". Sometimes i wish we could somehow harness
the intangible resources buried with their owners there
- the books unwritten, the melodies never created, the
inventions uncreated - the list is endless.

"Mining" your genius is a process of listening to
your intuition. This is a guide God created within
you. Alot of us are too busy on the outside to sit
still and listen to our inner longings. There ia a need
for inner awareness in us humans as a race.
We need to listen more to our intuition and learrn to
trust and follow its leading. If you're not too sure,
you can test it to find out. A part of learning to trust
your intuition is to be willing to do some conscious
trial and error. Conscious in that when you get a
thought or suggestion you don't think is logical, be
sensitive and notice to how you feel at the time, give
it the benefit of the doubt and follow its leading and
see what happens. Usually, you find that the illogical
suggestion is usually some kind of lifesaver; preventing
some trouble, avoiding some danger, making a crucial
decicion you won't have made otherwise, the list goes

The way forward is ALWAYS FROM INSIDE OUT.
Activities, expectations and pressures from outside
should not be allowed to influence or deter us from
following the pointers to our destinys and making
decisions that are in line with their realization.
Once our intuition is allowed to be the core around
which all activities are carried out, all expectations
and pressures can now be used to fuel their

Dying empty is a journey - a journey about the
process of discovering all your gifts and geniuses,
mining (developing/refining) them, thus making them
valuable to you and others, earning and accumulating
wealth in the process and then using the wealth to
replicate this process in others and exiting the stage.

"Fill up the world, Die Empty" - Olusegun Adedokun

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