Friday, September 4, 2009

The Essential Lag

Yesterday i wrote about the process of creation
and how everything all starts in the mind.

There is one more thing though. You do not see
your thoughts manifest immdeiately which is a
good thing - imagine all chaos that would ensue
if everything we think just pop up.

Anyway, that said, the way it works is this. You are
inhabited by a thought - an effortless process - then
the thought begins to become more forceful as you
yield to it and gathers more energy.

All this while, you practically begin to live your
thoughts in your head. It's like having it within,
living it within and them just let it play out.

The catch is this, the faster you want your thought to
manifest, the more time you have to invest into thinking
about it.

In essence, you can reduce that lag to the barest minimum.

You are the creator of your own reality.

Finally note that, the bigger your dream, the longer the
process of investing time in it.

Remember thouhg that it takes 3 months for corn to
grow and an oak takes Decades.

What are you - The Corn or THE OAK TREE?
"Persistence is the proof of FAITH"

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