Monday, September 28, 2009

When Things go Wrong

You have planned everything well. Deadlines have been set; contracts signed. All that's left is just to begin the execution when something suddenly goes wrong - terriby wrong. An event totally unforseen occurs leaving you spellbound and your jaws
drop for the wrong reason.

For what looks like a weird blend of the moment and eternity in , you seem not to know what to do.

The go-getter/the man-in-charge within seems to be confused.

You realize that maybe you not REALLY in charge afterall. You see how vulnerable you truly are.

"How could i not have even had an inkling of the possibility of this happening? Things don't just happen; You get some signal - a thought or feeling you can't explain, a sign - any sign - of some sort" you lament. Well, true but only if you are sensitive enough to pick up the signals.

Life has a way of letting us know we're not all in all.

When you have done everything on yur part diligently and things still go way of out your control, don't give up. Be humble enough to accept what you cannot change and acknowledge that not everything is in your control. I know it's somewhat humiliating but ego has got to give way. When times when you are totally helpless occur, it's a period submit to the supreme being - GOD who reigns in the affairs of men. Nothing lies hidden before him.

Then, be quiet. Quietness is a form of worship - an acknowledgement of your vulnerability and a confident yearning for superior intelligence to manifest. It is most challenging to do but this is the way out.

If you can bring your disturbed soul into a place of stillness, you open up and create an opportunity for the supreme genius to
manifest through you.

Man's biggest mistake is the subtle or outright arrogant belief that he is in charge of his life. This is because he can choose
what he wants to be.

None of us is fully in Charge. We are only partly are. In fact to a lesser extent than we can imagine. Our desires are dependent on a myriad of factors that are beyond the spheres of our control. A times, we just have to make the most of the cards we have been dealt. Besides, we make mistakes and others make decisions that affect us positvely and otherwise.
But aren't the natural gifts that we have been blessed with not the sole bases on which this choice is made?

We didn't choose those gifts they were given to us without our consent. So what makes us think we're in charge? Ours is to
develop/perfect them and use them diligently and in the process earn, live a good life and make the world a much better place for others too.

Life is about juggling all our experiences together and still coming out tops - much better, much wiser, much humbler.
Life is a school - a school of hard knocks. You are only in charge when you realize that you are not in charge. You become
a free person - not subject to any form bondage from anything you own or do not own especially the mundane thing we so
much value in this generation.

A free man is a responsible man. Freedom means the ability to control our whims and desires and not doing whatever you like
whenever you like like slaves of our passions. It means being reponsible enough to evaluate choices and make the ones that are most beneficial to all concerned.

So, what ever card life has dealt you, cease to complain and make the most of it. Ask for guidance from God and be quiet enough to listen to His instructions.

Think of blind man with a trusted friend committed to leading him about.

" The Lord is my shepard, i shall not want" - King David in Psalms 23:1

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