Thursday, September 3, 2009

How to do whatever

I want to...blah! blah!! blah!!!
I'm going to...blah! blah!! blah!!!
I am...blahing! blahing!! blahing!!!

It all starts with a thought.

Thoughts are the higest form of energy and
they sort of move around in waveforms,
looking for hosts to inhabit.

Once a thought enters into your mind and becomes
dominant, it can be likened to those 500 million sperm
cells that rush to fertilize the egg in a woman's womb.

In the case of spermatozoa,it is the fastest one that gets the "gal". In the case of of thoughts, the most predominant that manifests in reality.

When a thought becomes predominant, it automatically
becomes your possessor.

Everything you do just begin to fall in line with the
intent of your thought. You subconsciously begin to work
out the thought.

At the end of the day, your thought becomes you reality - a
physical manifestation. something you can see, touch or feel.

Before this happens, your thoughts progress from passionately
living inside of you to coming out through your mouth in form of words.

These increase the energy you need to realize the thought.

As humans, we have a creative power lying within and for
most of us, comfromity does not allow us to create - to transform the dream/thought dominating us into reality.

We confrom to the order and status quo created by the people
we consider to be up there.

You should never look up to anyone, rather look into them and
you'd see that the same power lies deep within you and only
you can bring it out.

Once you realize your dream, you grow within - to be more confident and full of more life for life by design is made for increase.

"Create" - Segedoo

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