Friday, March 16, 2007

Anti-theft security?!!

Haha…, this is really funny!!!

The picture was taken at the entrance of a religious centre.

Just imagine the way we think atimes?. Which is more expensive?
That brand of padlock or the pair of slippers?

But in reality this is what a lot of do when we don't think. We major
in the minor and waste precious time and resources on things that
do not benefit.

Personally, i have decided to stop watching movies for a while when i
realized it is an entertaining way for me to waste my life! Come to
think of it what do we really benefit from movies? The actors get paid
doing what they love, the producer and directors too and investors get 
huge Return on Investment (or why has Universal pictures been
investing in Hollywood for 85 years and why would Transcorp think
of investing inNollywood,huh?). 

Even video clubs rent out blockbusters or mediocre films as the case 
may be for a fee. The only party that does not get paid are the
viewers - You and me.

Instead, I have chosen to devote my time to more important things 
like investing in my Mind and making positive impact on humanity 
in my own unique way. Opportunities to do these have never been 
this available thanks to the internet, free blogsites and unbelievably
cheap webhosting fees.

Even as we laugh at the "ingenuity"of the guy that thought he's protected his slippers above, let's not do similar stuffs.

Quote of the post
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are!"
-Teddy Roosevelt


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