Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Easy 7000 pounds

“Be good at what you do”.” Do just one thing and do it well”.

we've all heard these sayings at one time or the other.

These words are easier said than done especially for someone
like me but a friend I met recently made me have a rethink on
those words.

This was what he said happened…

A friend of his went to Jand for holidays and stayed with her
auntie. For a while she was just at home and bored and then
providence smiled on her.

One of her auntie’s friends came to show off her newly-plaited
hair and hear her friend sing its praises but to her dismay, her
friend’s niece wouldn’t even let her enter before she started
saying all the things wrong with the hairstyle.

After a few minutes of “nagging”, she asked her auntie’s friend
if she wouldn’t mind sitting down and having her hair made
allover again because “I hate it when people pay for hairstyles
that are poorly done” she retorted. Her Auntie's friend didn’t
object and the undoing of the hairstyle began. Before 30 minutes
of gisting and having fun elapsed, the girl asked her auntie’s friend
to look in the mirror! She was so impressed with what she saw and
straight away handed the girl 30 pounds. She refused at first
but later accepted when the woman asked if she wasn’t capable
of giving her such amount. (You know the way African elders do
to make do their bidding).

The auntie’s friend not only stopped there, she also said she’ll see
to it that friend of hers come and fix their hair with the girl.

Lo and behold, that what how she went out and about showing
anyone who cared to look and the news spread all over the
neighborhood like a raging tsunami.

Before her 3 month holiday was over, she had made 7000 pounds
tax-free in London!!!

Quote of the post
“Jack of all trades, master of none” - unknown

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