Saturday, March 31, 2007

Using Your Unconscious Mind

Let your unconscious mind do your problem-solving,
using one of several techniques. First, try outlining a
problem in your mind before going to sleep, and telling
your brain to go to work. 

Sounds weird, huh?
Albert Einstein used this technique, sometimes getting
the "ah-ha" insight while shaving the next morning.
Next, instruct your mind to keep working on the
problem while you are doing other things. That's
delegating responsibility. Lol. There is more than we
know going on inside our heads.

Finally, work on problems when you are in a drowsy
state. This can result in more creative solutions.

Systematic Problem-Solving Techniques

Challenge your assumptions. For example, if you aren't
making enough money and you assume you need
another job, ask "do I really need a better job?" Maybe
you can get a raise, or you can make the job that you
already have better. A business on the side might be
another option. Don't let your assumptions limit your
possible solutions.

Break big problems down into smaller ones. Relocating
to another part of town is a big move that is really a
bunch of small steps. This is true of many problems. Start
by addressing all of the components of a problem individually,
and it may not seem so overwhelming. This makes it easier to
motivate yourself.

Ask three people for their opinions and/or advice.
They may have good ideas, but in any case this helps
you be sure that you are not overlooking anything obvious.

Write down the problem. Then find another way to
express it and write that down. Continue with all the
possible solutions and any ideas that come to mind.
Write EVERYTHING, then come back to it later to pick
the diamonds out of the dirt.

Change your perspective. Pretend you are very rich,
very poor, a child, a visitor from another planet. How
would you see the problem from this new perspective.
Einstein imagined riding on a beam of light to come up
with his theory of relativity, so this technique has been
known to work.

Quote of the day
"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."
- Albert Einstein

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