Saturday, March 17, 2007

The law of conservation of energy states that
"the total amount of energy in an isolated system
remains constant, although it may change forms."

In thermodynamics, the first law of thermodynamics
is a statement of the conservation of energy for
thermodynamic systems. Put simply, the law of
conservation of energy states that energy can not be
created or destroyed but can be changed from one
form to another.

The energy conservation law is a mathematical
consequence of the shift symmetry of time; energy
conservation is implied by the empirical fact
that physical laws remain the same over time.

Reflections on the law...
When I was thinking about this law, it just occurred to
me that it means all the energy needed in the universe
has already been created and no more can be added no
matter what anybody does. It also means the total energy
of the universe is constant regardless of the fact that
scientist have proven that the universe is expanding.
This is understandable when you consider the facts that
stars are born and others die somewhere in the cosmos but
the most fascinating of thing I got was that every other
form of energy can be converted into electricity.

That sounds simple right? Well, not exactly.

Electricity is the most relevant form of energy to
humankind more or less. This means we are harnessing
every other form of energy and converting them
to electricity – solar, chemical, nuclear, thermal, hydro,
wind, biogas etc.

But what about the unconsidered forms of energy like
the one we expend in the gym when we push those weights
and body heat and water …

Remember the movie “chain reaction” starring Keanu Reeves?

Well..., thinkThunderstorms

They generate about 1.21 gigawatts of electricity!!!!!

The challenge here is how to harness it. The rate at which
the amount of electrical power in a bolt of lightning hits the
groung (or any unfortunate thing in between) is awesome!
- Up to 300,000 Amps of current is transfered between cloud
and ground at potentials of over 1,000,000,000 Volts in
under 100 MicroSeconds... Even if you did manage to get the
lightning to hit your collector you have on a tower out in a field
or with a conductive trailer  or whatever method you used...
there just isn't any way to collect and harness that amount of
electrical transfer that quickly... yet.

But we all know impossibilities are just stuff nobody's ever

The craziest thing is that all the energy from all the
thunderstorms on the planet are all solar powered... people
think of hurricanes and tornados and
thunderstorms as strong and solar power as weak... when
they all are powered by the sun...

I am not an expert - i'm just sharing what've read over
some time.
The opportunities to convert other forms of energy to
electricity are without limit.


To all the geeks on the blog, let's get the ball rolling.

Quote of the post
"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without
vision is a nightmare." - Japanese Proverb

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