Thursday, March 22, 2007

The little things of life

Have you ever wondered if the things we take for
granted suddenly becomes so hard to do?

Things like breathing and peeing?

I was thinking of the little pleasures of life earlier today
and I am still so grateful.

The pleasures of ease that we experience - when we are
so pressed and have to go and pee or poo!

The pleasures of breathing freely… almost unconsciously
(Try counting every time you inhale and see how
uncomfortable it gets when we breathe consciously)

The pleasures of eating and savoring the taste. Imagine
eating and not tasting anything!!!! Those buds on our
tongues do wonders you know?

The pleasures of smell…especially when it’s nice …ever
smelled Angel by Thierry Mugler? We can also move away
when it’s a foul odor. Believe me that’s grace.

I’m grateful for the ability to see beauty around me - nature
and all things bright and beautiful…and the ugly ones too
because it gives the opportunity to figure out how to make
a change.

Most of all, I am grateful for the ability to think and imagine.

The Grace to create a world – my own world and try to bring
it out of my mind to this realm. The grace to be able to seat
down and strategize, create scenarios and figure out what to
do in each.

The ability to connect with the Eternal - the maker
of all things seen and unseen and perceive what can be.
The unseen never ceases to fascinate me. Those things 
are but seem to be not.

For me, there’s nothing better and this… being able to
think and imagine and then go ahead and make. That’s
being the creator that you were made to be!

Let’s all be grateful for our minds without which none of
this would have been possible.

Quote of the post
"...the things unseen are eternal" -The Bible

1 comment:

Afrik said...

Nice Post segedo. We take too many things for granted, but all in all we thnk God for that special grace.