Friday, March 30, 2007

In memory of Ayomipo

I wonder why you had to pass so soon
Just 2 months ago you had your second child
The life you lived was a beautiful one
The people you touched will ne’er forget
The warmth of your encouraging words
The brotherly love you showed to all

We’ll remember the nice times we had
And the fun things we all did together
You’ll always be in our hearts forever
Memories are all we’ll have with us now
Images of your smiles playing back
Filling our eyes with sorrow’s tears

If only tears could make you wake
If only this was another bad dream
If only death is just a day’s demise
The day will pass and then you’ll be here
How I wish we could bring you back
And make things go to how they were

I remember how you were there for me
When life seemed so bleak and still
I’ll always miss the warmth brought
That lingered still we weren’t in touch
I wonder why you had to be taken from us
Life was so sweet with you around

Sleep in the bosom of the Lord
Till the day we meet again.

- Segun Adedokun

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