Monday, April 23, 2007

Lessons learnt from Fela Durotoye

...on being successful
Be more loyal to your future than to your past.
What I have is what I have accepted.

Failure + Explanation ≠ Success

...on life
Life does not give me what I deserve but what
I desire and determine to have i.e. what I demand.
Historical events do not foretell the future. They
only impact it. My background should not keep my
back on the ground.

Everything I desire in life requires discovery, dreaming,
determination and doggedness.

...on excuses
I don’t have an excuse. Excuses are the explanations
of failure but the truth is even if the excuses are not
there, the failure would still have occurred. The
explanations of success are called keys. Nobody is
impressed with excuses. People will only pay to know
how it was done.

... on the future
The future I do not actively create will surprise me.
My future must happen. It is either I make it happen
or I watch it happen. Nothing is at a standstill. Change
is happening so fast that it looks like a constant. As long
as I am breathing, my future has not come.

The universal laws of God
These laws deliver results regardless of who abides
by them. God is not mocked. Whatever a man sows,
he reaps in time.
It’s either you make things happen or watch things
happen or wonder what’s happening!!
Be desperate for whatever you desire.

Here they are:
1. Determine what you want. It must be known and
clear to you. You can start by knowing what you don’t
want from life.

2. Make sure what you want is something you want
no less of.

3. discover the universal laws that naturally produce
your desired result.

4. Understand how the laws function and what they
require e.g. prosperity responds only to the seeds of
prosperity. Everything in life is a seed that produces
an harvest.

5. Give the law all what it requires and no less.

The law of harvest is made up of:
  • The law of sowing
  • The law of watering
  • The law of pruning
  • The law of weeding
6. Seeds require some time before harvest comes.
There is no one all encompassing law. It is usually a
combo of laws.

7. Master the art of consistency.

Breakthrough ≠ prosperity

Breakthrough is an occurrence. Prosperity is a lifestyle.

My desires must be people-driven

...on packaging myself
I have got to look like a bestseller. At the entrance of my
future, dress code admits. It takes a kind of mentality to
wear a pocket square. You behave what you believe. Be
dressed for where you are going. Great packaging
enhances value. I am the CEO of a company by my name.
Let your content be rock solid and let your presentation
be waoh!

Quote of the post
"In this life, I don’t have to prove nothing to nobody
but myself." - Unknown


Freelance said...

Nice lessons. You have a very nice blog. keep up the good work!

Kind regards,

Freelance said...

Very nice blog! Very good lessons. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

get the word of God involved in your everyday life and get your everyday life problems solved.

Anonymous said...

i work with Fela Durotoye personally, and he was humbled at the impact God's words through him have had on you.
God bless u.
Steve Harris
VIP Consulting

Igho said...

Am a student of uniport,i just attended a seminer about six hours ago were fela was the guest speaker here in uniport and i must say that it is one of the best i have ever attended and am now one of his biggest fan; and to guys,you are simply wonderful,keep up the good work.igho,phc.

MODELE said...

I had the priviledge of bumping into Fela Durotoye at the last Grace Family Church Convention...when we were introduced,I knew I had heard the name before,but when he opened his mouth to speak...I felt I had been divinely linked with someone through whom God would launch me into the next phase of the time he was done...I was fed and fulfilled.
Thank you,Sir,for sharing yourself-MODELE

Smith Bam said...

Fela Durotoye is God sent.
He is really touching lifes with the potters touch.
Its a great blog you got here.
Keep the fire burning

Anonymous said...

i was fortunate recently to be able to receive a word that is capable of taking me to the next level thru the mouth of fela durotoye,Gods great messenger to our generation at Grace Family Church convention.Keep up d good work Sir.I hope to meet you soon. Ayebameru Olusola E

Mr. Fix Nigeria said...

FD is simply a phenomenon. I've become an ardent disciple of his national rebirth movement. Fela has gone places and he is still going places. I'm in love with his gift of creativity and enjoin all young Nigerians to emulate this worthy role model. We need more hands like him.

simdivine said...

Uncle Fela is a man that has been sent by God to raise and awaken world changers at such a time as this. He is a great inspiration and motivation to my life. Thank God i met him.

Ogle said...

To hold HOTR (heritage House) spelled bound then you definitely must be a man of Kindred spirits with Pastor Lanre Oluseye

Mr. Fela Durotoye, Held the Heritage House, (House on the Rock, Port Harcourt) spell bound for the entire session of his sermon titled (Krunje!) Or (Expo!) in our local lingo. He talked about the Vision of the future Nigeria God revealed to him, and how in the course of time as events passed in Nigeria he wondered if he really heard God, but then again Confirmations came to him not, from truly and tested men and women in the faith.

For me, the message helped me pick a cue, edged me more in a more defined way on how to be the change that I desire to see in me and in our great country Nigeria. The Words! Where deep, passionate and true! It takes a large mind to comprehend.

If you get to read this comments, just know Sir you doing a great work in season.

Anonymous said...

Dont stop your blogs coming. ..... it's been too long.