Thursday, April 5, 2007

My observations in Life

These are some basic facts of life that I have
discovered by observation:

 Life is unfair.
 Unfair has two sides – the sweet and the bitter.
 You can choose which side of unfair you want
to be.
 Everyone one can be good or bad.
 Everything has to be relative to something else
to have meaning.
 Man’s greatest power is his ability to choose.
 We tend not to want to face the consequences of
our wrong choices.
 Yesterday is gone. The best I can do is to learn
from it. Tomorrow is yet unborn but I can determine
how it will be to a great extent based on what I do today.
 Those who have control over emotions should be in
 Emotional decisions are usually wrong ones.
 We tend to act from instinct too.
 Carrying out a decision is harder than making it.
 Being objective is extremely hard.
 Life would be generally better for everyone if we all
took time to see from the other person’s perspective.
 No one is absolutely superior to another.
 We are all deep.
 We usually think less than we ought to do.
 A meager fraction of human beings maximize their
 The future you more control over is the one you create.
 There are some things we have no control over.
 It is wiser to accept what you have not been given the
power to change.
 Nothing is absolute.
 Nothing is impossible.
 Tables turn.
 Having regrets is foolish.
 Experience is crucial to life.
 Those who have their businesses determine the
peak they want to reach.
 Nothing in man’s system is free.
 The power of advertisement is in repetition.
 We don’t always get what we desire, deserve or
 We don’t always get what we desire, deserve or
pursue when we think we ought to.
 It is always best to pause to think before acting.
 Purpose gives life meaning.
 The human mind has no elastic limit.
© Olusegun Adedokun 2006

Qoute of the post
" Then I saw, and considered it well: I looked upon
it, and received instruction." - Proverbs

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