Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Observations about the rich

These are my observations about the rich:
  • The rich have a wealth mindset.
  • The rich rule over the poor.
  • The rich are usually in control.
  • The rich by assets.
  • The rich employ the poor to get richer.
  • The rich never pay you what you are worth.
  • The rich can afford life’s luxuries.
  • The rich are protected.
  • The rich pay less tax.
  • The rich get richer.
  • The rich usually have influence.
  • The rich do not do the functional work.
  • The rich know why – others know how.
  • The rich know themselves.
Conclusion: It is good to be rich.
Question: Why don't we all learn how the rich got rich
and apply their principles ?

Just thinking…
You don’t ease pressure by letting everyone know
you are under it.

Everyone wants to be #1. I’d rather be the
indispensable #2 who can do without #1. Then you
tell me who #1 really is?

It is pretty obvious that a lot of people do not realize
that what you do not feed dies.

There is a general mediocrity in our society. Stand
above it and you’ll seem larger than life.

Quote of the post
"The rich rule over the poor" - Proverbs

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