Saturday, April 21, 2007

Thank God Nigerians are not Suicide bombers!

Average Nigerian loves life or at least would rarely
sacrifice his life for any unreasonable cause. The
recent attempt to blow up the national headquarters
of the INEC (Independent National Electoral
Commission) office in Abuja, Nigeria was aborted due
to this reason.

A 33000 litre gas tanker was loaded with
fuel and Gas cylinders was driven to a slope opposite the
INEC office and allowed to roll down but instead of a
driver at the steering wheel, a stone was placed on the
throttle. The tanker as stopped by electric poles and the
side walk!

Thank God that Nigerians love their lives enough not to
be suicide bombers otherwise, the whole presidential
elections would have been halted abruptly.

Quote of the post
".... Na  wa o" - Nigerian exclamation


Favoured Girl said...

Thank God o. Nigerians, we love our lives so much.

I'm glad it happened like that though. Imagine if those people had succeeded in destroying the place. It's another thing we will be discussing now.

akin aworan said...

That's a really good point! I guess its all about self preservation! I'm yet to meet the Nigerian to die for a justifiable cause!!

Segedoo said...

@favoured girl and akin aworan
thanx guys. i appreciate your visiting my blog and posting comments.

Highest regards,

Idemili said...

Thank God say that madness never rish our side. Anytime they want to unduly search me at the irport, I always tell them, "Have you ever heard of a Nigerian suicide bomber for chrissake?!"

jamal said...

e. But theres alot of corruption going on

Elsie said...

Well said.