Monday, April 16, 2007


Thinking isn’t thoughts crossing my mind
In some sort of random disorder
It requires direction, intention,
And a process of development
I think in order to solve problems
With the knowledge I have acquired

Thinking is a dialogue I have with myself.
A silent deliberation - with the intent to act.
Sometimes I think with my mind,
Sometimes I think with my heart.
With the mind, it is analytical, objective and factual
With the heart, it is vast, intuitive, and emotional.
Thinking is something that I choose to do.
It requires motive and effort.

I think because I want to understand
And when I understand I intend to act
To think is to differ
I must remember to trust myself,
My feelings, my inspirations
For they want me to listen to them.
They want to guide me forward.

It takes practice. It takes trust.
It takes time to develop and mature my thinking.
And as I do, my being matures also
My being - the essence of my core self
Though must develop the will to act,
Like the few great thinkers that have acted to
change our world.

©2006 Adedokun Olusegun

Quote of the post
"Think and grow rich" - Napoleon Hill

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