Friday, April 6, 2007


My power secret is my right of choice and my
ability to decide:

 What portion in life I will go for and possess
 What I will settle for
 What level I am content with
 How far I want to climb
 How rich I want to be
 How big I want my business to grow
 What kind of lifestyle gives me fulfillment
 How long I want to live
 How much power I want to control
 How much respect I want people to give to me
 What goals I want to reach

Create circumstances and establish trends that and
bend opinions and make them serve positive purposes.

A Man’s Limitations
Four things limit a man:
• The knowledge he’s got
• The principles on which he bases his decisions
• The character of his heart
• The imaginations of his mind

Quote of the post
“My deeds are limited by my strength, the words I
know and my imagination”– Steven Paolini

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