Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts on greatness, desire, money and how to be rich

Greatness is not an occasion. It is a life style
inculcated by being responsible. A lot of us shy
away from being responsible, ignorant of the fact
thatwe indirectly flee from being great for
responsibility is the price of greatness.

 Be responsible for who you are
 Be responsible for what you do
 Be responsible for what you have received
 Be responsible to those you lead

Life is not a gift – it is an investment from which
the investor expects great returns. You can't afford
to live it anyhow.

Potential needs purpose to give it direction. Desire
is “craving enough to sacrifice for”. It’s only we are
willing to die for what we desire, that we’ll receive it.
Only what you desire when you pray, not what you
pray for – is what you shall have.

Desire for a thing keeps you on the road of consistency.
 Prepare Prayerfully
 Plan Purposefully
 Proceed Positively
 Pursue Persistently

"Potential needs desire to place demands on it." 
-Dr. Myles Munroe

Money flows that’s why it’s called Currency and it flows in
the direction of value. Value is something you have that is
desirable to someone else. The more valuable a thing
becomes the more money it costs.

Value is directly proportional to the needs the product meets.
Value changes depending on circumstances and individuals.
When you say there’s no money, your mind and invariably
your eyes close to opportunities.

Ways to make money
1.   Offer a valuable product or service. Don’t let your
      emotions think for you. Ideas that are implemented
      rule the world.

2.   Research the customers’ needs and the likely changes
      they would like to see in the products or services.    

3.   Increase the value and quantity of your product. Adapt
      it to the ever changing needs of the customer. The
      greatest millionaires are servants of their clients.

4.   Work on perception and image. Work on the share of
      your customer’s mind. Image is important. Present
      yourself in a prestigious form.

5.   Repetition is a law of lasting impression and
      advertising is basically all about repetition.

HOW TO BE RICH: Being a solution (Personalized)

If I want to be relevant in this life, I have got to be a
solution. It may be to someone’s problems, or an
organization’s or a nation’s or even to better still to the
world’s problems. The fun thing is the bigger the number
of people whose problems I can provide a solution to the
quicker I get to being relevant.

The age old tips to being a solution are:
 Finding a problem and solving it
 Finding a need and meeting it
 Finding a desire and filling it
 Finding a hurt and healing it

To be able to proffer a solution to people’s problems,
needs, desires or hurts, I have to discover what
these problems, needs, desires or hurts are. This can
be done easily by asking them or figuring out what
they might need to solve these problems, meet these
needs, fulfill these desires or heal these hurts. (The
management jargon used for this is market research).
The next step then is to think of what products or services
needed and create or provide them to achieve these ends.

Quote of the post
"What’s money for anyway? It’s to make things happen"
– Auntie Joyce (Richard Branson’s aunt)


linda ikeji said...

money makes things happen.I believe richards aunt.i just finished reading a book he wrote..he wrote a lot of his aunty's quotes.nice work segedoo

bimbylads said...

how now? Now, this blog is soo me.., thanks for inviting me, and for stopping on my blog. i have a vision, and that vision is to become WEALTHY before a certain age. Not just riches, for riches without good health is worthless. WEALTH is a combination of good health, riches and wisedom, THAT I WANT, and that i will get, so help me God, in Jesus name.


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